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Monkeys Drugged, Electrically Shocked in Cruel Experiments
Amy Meyer, April 11, 2019
Join NEAVS to stop these shocking monkey experiments at the University of Florida.
Advancing Animal Welfare Standards in Labs Isn’t the Answer
Nathan Herschler, April 11, 2019
Why advocating for high welfare animal care in research facilities isn’t an effective strategy.
What does "effective altruism" mean for animal testing?
Nathan Herschler, April 5, 2019
Effective altruism, an approach that heavily influences the animal rights movement, pushes organizations to spend the money they receive from donors as effectively and ef
Win Alert: USDA Ends Cat-Killing Experiments
Mike Ryan, April 2, 2019
14 cats were saved today, and countless more will never be subjected to unnecessary and cruel experiments at the USDA.
Animal Activist Among Cowboys
Amy Meyer, April 1, 2019
Before I became a grassroots organizer…Before I protested animal cruelty (and got arrested for it)... I was Cody, Wyoming’s only vegetarian
Stop California's "Lab Gag" bill
Amy Meyer, March 27, 2019
A new California bill threatens to hide cruel animal experiments from the public. We have a right to know what is happening to animals behind closed doors at public insti
We're Asking USDA to Save Dogs and Cats from being Killed
Mike Ryan, March 20, 2019
In 9 US States, Dogs & Cats Used in Experiments Are Supposed to Get a Shot at Adoption Instead of Euthanasia Afterwords. We’re asking USDA to issue 3 regulations to ensur
Here's What Animal Abuse Looks Like
Frances Chrzan, March 13, 2019
5 Examples of Animal Welfare Act Violations in Animal Experiments.
How Fish Suffer in Medical Experiments
Lindsay Vierheilig, March 7, 2019
When most people think of animal testing, the first animals that come to mind are rats and mice. Another kind of animal that is popular among researchers, but receives ve