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Warning: These Pet Products Support Animal Cruelty

Amy Meyer, October 27, 2020

In pet stores across America, Marshall BioResources, one of the largest breeders of animals for torture in labs, sells Marshall Pet Products.

Targeting “animal lovers,” these products include treats and toys, like wading pools for animals that “love to splash and play.” Many retailers—and their customers—are kept in the dark. They are not aware that money spent on these products lands in the same pockets as the executives that operate Marshall BioResources.

Marshall BioResources is a notorious Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) that breeds beagles, mixed-breed dogs, ferrets, minipigs, and other animals. They sell these animals to laboratories across the country for painful experiments. They’re one of the largest dog breeders for the animal experimentation industry in the United States. 

Marshall BioResources confines an estimated 23,000 dogs inside their windowless sheds on any given day. 

As animal lovers, I know you agree—all dogs deserve space to run outside, a comfortable place to sleep, and love. The dogs and other animals bred and held captive at Marshall will never have these basic needs met.

Marshall animals’ lives get worse after workers load them into trucks and haul them to laboratories. Dogs are often used in toxicology studies, where experimenters force them to inhale or ingest harmful chemicals. The animals are also sent to universities that use our tax dollars to subject them to painful and deadly experiments. 

That’s why we reached out to hundreds of pet stores across the country listed as retailers on the Marshall Pet Products website. They need to know: supporting Marshall Pet Products enables Marshall cruelty to continue.

We’re making huge strides—several of these pet stores have already committed to not sell Marshall Pet Products anymore.

Now, we need your help. 

Petco, one of the largest pet retailers in the country, is not only selling Marshall Pet Products. They’re selling ferrets who were bred at Marshall too.

Marshall ferrets that are sold in Petco stores often experience cruelty and neglect. The information regarding ferret care given to new ferret owners by Petco employees is frequently inaccurate. Due to the misinformation, many ferrets do not receive proper nutrition and medical attention, live in subpar standards, and are ultimately abandoned (either let free outdoors or surrendered to shelters). Ferrets for retail sale are typically sold at 8–9 weeks old and are spayed/neutered before they are sold. This early spaying and neutering is linked to various fatal health problems in older ferrets, including adrenal disease. 

Petco’s purchasing of ferrets from Marshall and Marshall Pet Products merchandise is propping up this cruel company.

Don’t let them take advantage of unsuspecting customers to inflict more cruelty. Please take one minute to urge Petco to stop supporting Marshall BioResources.

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