Our Work

Our Work

We are a community of animal lovers, activists, donors, scientists, lobbyists, organizers, educators, students, policy makers, and leaders in a fight against a deeply entrenched and well-funded status quo.

This is a fight we know how to win—with your support.

We Uncover

…the documents laboratories never intended you to see. The Animal Research Laboratory Overview (ARLO) is a public, free, searchable database housing tens of thousands of documents obtained legally through open records requests.


We Expose

…by uncovering the torturous and unethical use of nonhuman animals in labs through rigorous fact-finding by our investigators, help from brave whistleblowers, and bold legal action by our partner attorneys, so activists like you can call for swift change.


We Advocate

by pressuring policymakers to stop funding and abolish research that exploits nonhuman animals.


We Rescue

…by making sure nonhuman animals freed from confinement, isolation, and pain find kindness and care in sanctuaries where they can live the rest of their lives in peace.


We Oppose

…by helping animal lovers and social justice advocates like you become powerful opponents against nonhuman animal exploitation and oppression by providing the resources, knowledge, and support needed to mobilize your community.


We Replace

by partnering with the brightest, most innovative minds to pioneer the transition to ethical, human-relevant research and education methods that will replace nonhuman animal experimentation for good.

Human-Relevant Methods