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Animal Testing is Incurably Toxic, Eh?
The Rise for Animals Team, January 11, 2024
In its pursuit of ethical science for the good of all animals, Rise for Animals is proud to support CCAAM in its vision of a world without animal testing.
Protecting Animals & Modernizing Science
The Rise for Animals Team, February 9, 2022
Recent victories that have saved animals in labs are proof momentum is on our side to end animal experimentation—sooner than you might think!
Pig-to-Human Heart Transplant is Science Gone Hog-Wild
The Rise for Animals Team, January 12, 2022
When it comes to life-saving organ transplants, the medical community already has proven human-based medical solutions. So why are scientists so focused on using animals?
Photo of an organ-on-a-chip, a microfluidic device chip that simulates a human organ
Replacing Animal Testing Through Technology
Nathan Herschler, November 10, 2020
With your support, we’re fueling the brightest minds to find more effective cures for all—at the expense of none.
A chuckwalla angles her head towards the viewer
Climate Change Research that Hurts Animals
Amy Meyer, April 22, 2020
This Earth Day, we demand better research for the future of our planet.
A medical-gloved hand reaches toward a timid mouse perched atop a metal cage
BREAKING: Rep. Roybal-Allard Demands NIH “Count and Reduce”
The NEAVS Team, September 11, 2019
Despite the fact that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) claims it’s working to reduce the number of animals used in the experiments it funds, it’s also true that th
A macaque, open-mouthed, looks through cage wiring
Scholarly Journals Can Help Stop Abusive Primate Research
Mike Ryan, September 11, 2019
As of 2019, over 70 top scholarly journals will seemingly publish any research on primates, without considering the inherent ethical concerns.
A guinea pig looks as if it it smiling as it stands in green grass
Five Books that Changed Us
The NEAVS Team, July 9, 2019
Looking for a great book to read this summer? We asked our team of grassroots activists and policy experts to share the books that inspired their passion to end animal su
A green eyed cat looking directly into the camera
NEAVS Complaint Prompts Investigation of University of Utah
Amy Meyer, May 30, 2019
We filed a Federal Complaint Urging an Immediate Suspension of Animal Research at the University of Utah. Find out why they’re under scrutiny.