White rabbits sit in small, barren, metal cages
Your Kindness is Beautiful: Take 1 Minute to Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Ask your Members of Congress to Support the Humane Cosmetics Act now.
Save Animals


Image of a caged macaque
Tell University: Ban Painful Experiments on Nonhuman Primates
Virginia Commonwealth University is pumping captive monkeys full of drugs and then cutting them off with no pain relief. Please take 1 minute to demand that they ban experiments that inflict unmitigated pain and distress on nonhuman primates.
Stop Monkey Torture
Image of a young monkey, shining eyes looking through its cage wires
Save Baby Monkeys—Cut Funding for Brutal Experiments in Texas
At the University of Houston researchers are damaging the vision of baby monkeys, drilling holes in their skulls, implanting coils and injecting them with chemicals. Please take 1 minute to call on our government's National Eye Institute to cut its funding for these brutal experiments.
Save Baby Monkeys
A photo of a blue-eyes cat peering through steel cage bars
Require All Research Facilities Experimenting on Animals to Have a Vet on Staff
Animal research facilities are not currently required to employ a full-time—or even part-time—vet. This has resulted in countless cases of needless suffering and death. Please demand change for animals trapped in labs.
Demand Change
Monkey gripes cage bars
Mask Strapped Over Monkey’s Face, Pumped with Experimental Substance, Killed
After two gruesome killings of primates, you can make Lovelace Research Institute pay.
Stop the Torture
A macaque holds onto the metal bars of his cage
Corporation Tortures Monkeys AGAIN. Make Them Stop
Deadly Toxikon violates the Animal Welfare Act—over and over! Do something before they kill again.
Demand Change
A close-up photo of a green-eyed baby monkey
Make This University Pay for Killing Baby Monkeys
Please urge USDA to do the right thing and fine UC-Davis $70,000 for the painful and unnecessary infant primate deaths, which resulted from staff negligence.
Demand Max Fine
A small grey rodent peers between human fingers
Tell the USDA—Stop Filling Your Trash with Dead Animals
Pressure the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to ban the most brutal killing of animals after experiments end.
Save Animals
A rhesus macaque stares intently though cage bars
No Water for Monkeys—You Can Make Them Pay!
Infamous supplier of monkeys for torture in labs allowed animals to suffer and die of dehydration. Make them pay.
Make Them Pay
A rat hangs onto the metal bars of his cage
Stop Cruelty at Louisiana State University
The Louisiana State University system (LSU) has repeatedly shown a complete disregard for animal welfare at their animal laboratories. They must be held accountable. Please urge NIH to stop handing out taxpayer dollars for cruel experiments at LSU.
Stop the Torture