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The face of a baby monkey peers between metal cage bars
Take Action to Protect Baby Monkeys
Christie Hendrickson, June 24, 2020
As a lover of animals, a parent, and a human being, I am heartbroken—and outraged—after reading about an experiment on baby monkeys at Emory University.
A white rabbit with a swollen-shut, pink eye visible, cowers in a white plastic cage
Take Action for Rabbits at Vanderbilt
Casey Webster, June 9, 2020
A coincidental inspection and its ensuing reports have revealed the ruthlessness of eye experiments on rabbits at Vanderbilt.
A macaque peers through steel cage bars
Three Monkeys Die at a Lab Due to Negligence
The Rise for Animals Team, January 29, 2020
We’ve uncovered that in 2019 three monkeys died of dehydration and a fourth suffered due to staff negligence at a South Carolina lab called Alpha Genesis.
A close up of a monkey's paw
What Happened to Monkey “NM13”?
Nathan Herschler, January 17, 2020
Festering wound, extreme hair loss, and filthy cages — You can stop the horrific mistreatment of primates at Emory University.
A monkey trapped in a cage
“Something Is Very Wrong at Lovelace”
Amy Meyer, January 3, 2020
Appalling neglect at Lovelace Institute kills monkeys: Tell the USDA to issue the maximum penalty.
A macaque sits among greenery
Historic Action to End Testing on Monkeys
Nathan Herschler, December 18, 2019
More monkeys are suffering cruel tests in labs in America than any other time in history. Here’s our chance to throw the cage doors open.
Dog and cat laying side by side
Dogs and Cats Used in Research Deserve a Shot at Adoption
Mike Ryan, December 3, 2019
In the past four years, 10 U.S. states have passed laws mandating that scientists experimenting on dogs and cats have to make an effort at getting them adopted out.
Take Action for Chimpanzees Denied Promised Sanctuary
The Rise for Animals Team, October 28, 2019
The NIH has announced they will not transfer 44 chimpanzees housed at the Alamogordo Primate Research Facility to sanctuary. Tell the NIH this is unacceptable.
Why is Toxikon Getting Away with Cruel AWA Violations?
Mike Ryan, October 23, 2019
About 45 minutes outside of Boston in Bedford, MA is a corporation called Toxikon that primarily does invasive and often deadly animal experiments.