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I Protest for Animals
The NEAVS Team, May 31, 2019
With the support of NEAVS, students and other animal lovers recently converged on the University of Florida in protest of cruel monkey experiments. We’d like you to meet
Our Promise to Grassroots Activists
Amy Meyer, May 17, 2019
NEAVS works with local grassroots activists across the country who are dedicated to ending cruel animal experiments. Everyone who wants to stand up for animals in labs sh
Massachusetts Residents: Make Two Quick Calls for Animals
Nathan Herschler, May 8, 2019
Animals in labs need your voice! Today, Wednesday, May 8, 2019, we are asking animal advocates across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to participate in a statewide call
State of Play: California’s Dangerous “Lab Gag” Bill
Mike Ryan, April 26, 2019
Quick update on the bill we’re fighting in California (AB700) that we told you about earlier this week.
Pounding the pavement to stop a “lab gag” bill in California
Mike Ryan, April 24, 2019
NEAVS supporters are educating CA residents about how this bill would harm animals.
Dangerous bill would hide what happens to animals in labs
Mike Ryan, April 22, 2019
This bill will have bleak consequences for animals used in testing and those trying to protect them. Read why we must fight to keep this damaging legislation from becomin
Thank You for Refusing to Look Away
Nathan Herschler, April 18, 2019
I saw her at the zoo. Looking right at me through the glass.
Monkeys Drugged, Electrically Shocked in Cruel Experiments
Amy Meyer, April 11, 2019
Join NEAVS to stop these shocking monkey experiments at the University of Florida.
Advancing Animal Welfare Standards in Labs Isn’t the Answer
Nathan Herschler, April 11, 2019
Why advocating for high welfare animal care in research facilities isn’t an effective strategy.