Liberate News Articles

Life After the Lab
The Rise for Animals Team, November 4, 2021
Though he’s safe and sound now, Gryffin didn’t always have the comfort of a fluffy bed.
Hooray! No More Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Maine
The Rise for Animals Team, June 15, 2021
Maine has just become the 6th state in the nation to ban the manufacture and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals.
A member of Rise for Animals' rescue team cups a dog's face in her hands
Thanks to You: Cooper's 'Happily Ever After'
Christie Hendrickson, October 17, 2020
After enduring unnecessary practice surgeries at the hands of veterinary students, Cooper is living a dog’s dream.
Amy holds Flakita the dog, who smiles widely
Rescue Recap
Amy Meyer, September 16, 2020
On August 27th, 2020, our Animal Rescue Team set out to rescue dogs tortured in cruel medical experiments at a university in Mexico. Check out our rescue recap.
Flakita, a dog rescued by Rise for Animals, looks cheery in the arms of Amy Meyer who smiles
Her Body Is Broken—But Her Spirit Is Not
Amy Meyer, September 10, 2020
With the help of generous animal lovers like you, our rescue team was recently able to save three dogs from death after being used for “practice” in a vet school lab.
Mama Girl, a white rat with red eyes, sits in a clean and cozy cage post-rescue
My Rat Rescue Mission
Lindsay Oliver, August 31, 2020
The "sac rack" is where animals wait to be killed after experimenters are done with them.
A close-up of a monkey's sad, downturned eyes
37 Years as a Test Subject
Casey Webster, July 6, 2020
Tell Georgia State University to Release Hank the Monkey to Sanctuary
Amy Meyer, our Grassroots Organizer, receives kisses on her face from a rescued dog
Your Rescue Update
The Rise for Animals Team, March 10, 2020
On November 23, 2019, our Animal Rescue Team launched its latest mission—liberate and rehome dogs tortured in cruel medical experiments a university in Mexico.
The underside of a dog's paw
Emergency Dog Rescue
Nathan Herschler, November 21, 2019
Dogs used for training at a vet school are in need of immediate rescue and rehoming. You can help.