How You Help

We’re reflecting on the incredible strides we’re making together for animals in labs.

Together we will end animal experimentation in our lifetime.


Millions of caring, thinking, feeling beings are tortured and killed for nothing.

Over 95% of drugs

tested on animals fail in human trials.

90% of animals

in labs are excluded from The Animal Welfare Act.

Petco, Drop Marshall!

Marshall BioResources ships the dogs, cats, ferrets, and other animals they breed to research laboratories for unimaginably cruel experiments.

Petco purchases and sells Marshall ferrets and products, directly supporting this cruel business. You can help shut it down.

Shut It Down

ARLO: Peek Into Animal Labs

To find out what’s happening to animals in labs in your hometown or at your alma mater, search our ARLO database.

The animal experimentation industry relies on secrecy to continue business as usual. That’s why we created the animal protection movement’s first publicly accessible research and transparency tool—the Animal Research Laboratory Overview (ARLO). ARLO aims to expose everything we know about laboratories experimenting on animals across the United States. 

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Every gift—big or small—helps us free animals from torture in labs.