Paws Up for Kinder Laws

Make your voice heard! Urge your legislators to support laws that will protect and save animals from cruel experiments. Every law passed gets us one step closer to ending animal research for good.

Save Pets from Experiments

You can help ensure our beloved companion animals don’t end up in labs across the United States.

Urge your legislators to support the Pet Safety and Protection Act (PSPA) (H.R. 3187, 117th), a Federal bill recently reintroduced to Congress by Representatives Mike Doyle (D-PA-18) and Chris Smith (R-NJ-4).

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State Bills

CA S.B. 252: The Protection of Dogs and Cats from Unnecessary Testing Act

California Senator Scott Weiner introduced S.B. 252, which would protect dogs and cats from being poisoned in toxicological experiments—experiments testing the toxicity of a drug, a pesticide, a biowarfare agent, or another type of toxin on a living organism to see what reactions there may be. 

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H.B. 4881–4882

Michigan’s H.B. 4881–4882, introduced by Rep. Kevin Hertel, is the first bill of its kind. Not only is it a post-research adoption effort, it goes further by requiring labs to track where the adoptable animals end up to ensure they’re given legitimate chances of retirement.

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Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal (D-NY) introduced A00636, which would strengthen New York’s existing post-research adoption law by adding a reporting requirement for higher education research facilities. 

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