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Burning Horses’ Legs for Show is Supported by Science?
The Rise for Animals Team, July 1, 2024
Earlier this year, the USDA announced an intent to strengthen regulations related to horse soring, an unethical practice overseen by the USDA.
The Animal Research Industry’s Attack on Monkey Conservation
The Rise for Animals Team, June 27, 2024
We are the only remaining hope for the surviving long-tailed macaques, including those trafficked by and into laboratories.
Take Action: Deny Animal Exploiters More Power
The Rise for Animals Team, May 23, 2024
U.S. politicians are, once again, trying to invalidate state and local laws that concern farmed animal welfare. We cannot let them succeed.
Save-the-Date: Memorial-and-Independence Day for Animals!
The Rise for Animals Team, May 22, 2024
Don’t miss this impactful opportunity to connect, build community, get inspired, and (peacefully) fight for animal rights.
“Mad” and “Ouch” Among the Words Animals in Labs Would Use?
The Rise for Animals Team, May 14, 2024
The question of whether animals can “talk” (and “reason”) has become a lucrative area of animal research.
IMW Part II: Help the “talkers, cage-rattlers, bar-bangers”
The Rise for Animals Team, May 9, 2024
Please join us to fight for justice for macaques (and all other animals), this important week . . . and every week thereafter.
IMW Part I: The U.S. is the Macaque-Trade Ringleader
The Rise for Animals Team, May 7, 2024
The “billion-dollar” trade in macaques for human “science” is being driven most heavily by one country: the United States.
10+ Million Reasons to Take Action this Animal Advocacy Day!
The Rise for Animals Team, April 30, 2024
Please act now to stop an additional 10 million of our taxpayer dollars for primate breeding and experimentation.
Swallow, Inhale, Apply, Inject: The LD50 Test is Poison
The Rise for Animals Team, March 20, 2024
The LD50 test continues to be used even though scientists themselves admit that the test’s “relation to humans is only a guess”.