The Long List of Alternatives to Primate Testing
Mike Ryan, October 25, 2018
The question “what methods can be used instead of animals?” is a great one, and there’s no one simple answer.
Contradictory Trends
Mike Ryan, October 23, 2018
The number of primates suffering in testing is now at a record high. But so is the percentage of Americans opposing animal research.
Partner Spotlight: Emma's Journey With Project Chimps
Ali Crumpacker, October 23, 2018
Emma has secrets she will never be able to share. She was born in a laboratory and placed on loan to another research facility at a young age.
Why You Should Know About the FACT Act
The Rise for Animals Team, October 17, 2018
95% of the animals used in research and testing are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act. The government is not required to report the number of these animals in labs.
10 Best and Worst Places for Primates in 2017
Mike Ryan, October 16, 2018
Thanks to Congress passing and continually improving the Animal Welfare Act, every year we get hard numbers on where primate abuse in medical experiments is most rampant.
Animals Stuck in Labs Deserve Disaster Preparedness
Nathan Herschler, October 10, 2018
When natural disasters hit, animals suffering in medical experiments often pay the price.
Why You Should Know About ICCVAM
The Rise for Animals Team, October 10, 2018
Many scientists agree that animal testing should be a thing of the past
Major Win for Animals in Cosmetics Testing
The Rise for Animals Team, October 9, 2018
In a step forward today in ending unnecessary animal testing, industry giant Unilever announced its support for a worldwide animal testing ban on cosmetics
Category E: The Darkest Corner of Animal Experimentation
Ed Butler, October 9, 2018
Putting animals in pain to get published is a core business practice for animal experimenters