USDA’s Trash is Filled with Dead Kittens
The Rise for Animals Team, September 26, 2018
​Since 1982, the USDA has killed nearly 3,000 kittens when these perfectly healthy kittens could have been adopted.
What Happens to Animals in Labs in the Path of a Hurricane?
Nathan Herschler, September 21, 2018
After Florence hit, you saw videos of dogs being rescued, and of factory farms under water, but you never saw the havoc natural disasters cause for animals stuck in labs.
USDA: Please stop killing kittens
Mike Ryan, September 19, 2018
In case you missed it, today we made an offer to the USDA that we hope they'll accept.
Win Alert! Congress Directs EPA to Reduce Animal Tests
Mike Ryan, September 13, 2018
A few months ago, we asked Congress to direct EPA to reduce animal testing. It worked. A few hours ago, Congress finalized legislation that does what we wanted.
Excited for 2021? So are we.
Mike Ryan, September 10, 2018
If trends hold, by 2021 a majority of Americans will believe that medical testing on animals is morally unacceptable.
Uncovering the Reality of Animal Use in "Toxic Testing"
The Rise for Animals Team, May 23, 2018
Our "Toxic Testing" report, a collaborative effort, exposes hundreds of cruel, wasteful and outdated tests performed on animals by the National Toxicity Program (NTP).
NEAVS Report: 115,000 Animals Killed in Government Tests
Nathan Herschler, May 17, 2018
NEAVS and White Coat Waste Project (WCW) released a new report exposing hundreds of cruel and outdated animal tests performed by the National Toxicity Program (NTP).
Science that Saves Thousands of Animals
Dr. Sushila Maharjan, Ph., March 6, 2018
Dr. Sushila Maharjan, Ph.D devotes her work to discovering scientific alternatives to animal testing.