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A green eyed cat looking directly into the camera
Congress to USDA: Restore Animal Abuse Records
Mike Ryan, December 20, 2019
Great news! The spending bill being signed into law contains language to help us hold animal abusers accountable.
Ellie the beagle looks up, a sweet expression on her greying face
Ellie’s Powers
Amy Meyer, December 13, 2019
Like the Stranger Things character she was named after, Ellie the beagle was tortured in a windowless research lab—and escaped.
White rabbit in a laboratory
Ending Animal Experimentation in the Cosmetics Industry
Nathan Herschler, December 6, 2019
We need your voice to join ours in this final push to end the cruelty of the old cosmetics industry, and to shepherd in an era of cruelty free beauty.
Shelves hold rows and rows of white rats in small, clear plastic cages
Deciphering Deceitful Language Used by Experimenters
Amy Meyer, November 14, 2019
Words matter. Animal experimenters know it. That’s why they choose their words carefully when they describe how they are hurting animals.
Does an activist look like you? It should.
Amy Meyer, October 30, 2019
Picture an “activist.” What comes to your mind? A person holding a protest sign? A megaphone? Someone chanting? I suspect the activist in your mind is taking action.
In Defense of Animals
Frances Chrzan, October 17, 2019
“I’ve got a raccoon. Want to give me your number?” From across the parking lot of a convenience store came one of the strangest pick-up lines I ever heard. Believe me whe
5 Reasons Animal Testing is Undergoing a Permanent Shift
Nathan Herschler, August 5, 2019
Aristotle believed that there was a hierarchy of animals, with humans on top. Aristotle was also an asshole, believing that men had more value than women, and that “Helle
EXPOSED: Dozens of labs are freezing animals alive
Amy Meyer, July 30, 2019
There is a haunting trend in labs: being frozen alive due to negligence.
The Status Quo Kills Animals
Nathan Herschler, July 25, 2019
Here’s the truth: animal experiments are archaic and unnecessary. They don’t work.