Advocate News Articles

Hooray! No More Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Maine
The Rise for Animals Team, June 15, 2021
Maine has just become the 6th state in the nation to ban the manufacture and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals.
California S.B. 252 Passes the Full Senate
Frances Chrzan, June 3, 2021
With your continued support, this life-saving bill will become law.
President Biden: Reject the Proposed Monkey Stockpile
The Rise for Animals Team, May 13, 2021
With like-minded organizations and experts, we are urging the Biden-Harris Administration to turn down a proposal to hoard monkeys for use in future experiments.
We Helped Uncover a Secret USDA Policy
Frances Chrzan, May 6, 2021
A secret policy we uncovered shows the USDA doesn’t inspect every lab as required by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
Activists Pressure Petco to Cut Ties with Animal Cruelty
Amy Meyer, April 28, 2021
From coast to coast, activists protested at Petco on World Day for Animals in Labs—and they got Petco’s attention.
Good News! Dogs and Cats Get a Chance at Loving Homes in VA
Frances Chrzan, April 13, 2021
Virginia has passed a law to ensure more animals are given loving homes after they are used in research.
China Announces End to Animal Testing for Imported Cosmetics
The Rise for Animals Team, March 5, 2021
This change in regulation is an immeasurable victory for animals in labs.
Mice crowd at the edge of a metal cage, their noses sticking through the bars
Mice Suffer and Die at Columbia University
Frances Chrzan, December 18, 2020
It’s time they count and reduce the number of animals they use in experiments.
Image of a caged macaque
Breaking: We’re Taking USDA to Court
Frances Chrzan, December 15, 2020
We hope this lawsuit will require USDA to create a standard rule regarding primate psychological enrichment.