Born to Die

The Rise for Animals Team, February 19, 2021

Just-born babies, each one tiny and translucent pink, pulse with new life.

For the first two weeks of the baby rats’ lives, they’ll be safe and warm by their mother’s side. Their soft fur will grow in and their eyes will remain shut until they’ve outgrown their newborn sensitivity. Only then will they see the sterile cage around them—the small box in which they’re forced to live.

These infants don’t know they have been bred for one brutal purpose. They don’t know they exist so experimenters can invade their bodies in the name of science.

Rodents in laboratories may be tied down, exposed to radiation, launched into space, neglected, or even sabotaged by a disgruntled scientist.

But no matter the laboratory in which they’re born, one thing is true for millions of animals in the U.S. each year:

They’re born to die. And you can do something about it.

Most animals subjected to experiments are bred for that sole purpose.

While some animals are stolen from the wild for use in experiments, most are born within the confines of an animal research laboratory. Still more come from a breeding facility like Marshall BioResources, where approximately 23,000 dogs await their cruel fate on any given day.

The vast majority of these souls will be subjected to the exploitation known as animal research, which we know doesn’t even produce human-relevant results. But experimenters assume people like you won’t care about the countless animal lives “sacrificed” or “terminated” each year—as long as their research sounds important.

“They’re just rats. Who cares?”

Well, you care. We at Rise for Animals care. In fact, more than half of your fellow Americans think testing on animals is morally wrong.

You care that we just uncovered some rats have been born for use in euthanasia demonstrations. That’s right: these animals have been bred in a lab for the purpose of being the unsuspecting victims of a class that may as well be called “HOW TO KILL 101.”

We know this heartbreaking finding is unacceptable. But we can do something about it. We are doing something about it. Every day, Rise for Animals and our network of supporters, activists, whistleblowers, students, lobbyists, and scientists are working toward a more just future for all.

Animals deserve love.

A helpless baby rat—and indeed any caring, thinking, feeling animal—born to live and die in a lab has you and millions like you on their side.

Together, we can make sure this misuse of animal lives is a thing of the past. Together, we will end animal experimentation in our lifetime.

You can do one thing right now to help our collective movement to stand up for animals in labs.

This week, we obtained from NASA videos of rats floating in a tiny cage aboard the International Space Station.

But these aren’t the only animals NASA has used in grim experiments. A few weeks ago, we uncovered NASA indiscriminately killed the entire primate colony at their Ames Research Center. They stole 27 lives in a single day.

NASA didn’t care about these animals—but you do. Please join us in asking NASA’s Inspector General to investigate this waste and misconduct. We need your help to uncover the truth. 

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