Photo of an organ-on-a-chip, a microfluidic device chip that simulates a human organ

Replacing Animal Testing Through Technology

Nathan Herschler, November 10, 2020

With your support, we’re fueling the brightest minds to find more effective cures for all—at the expense of none.

We can see it from here:

A world without exploitation of innocent animals in labs. A world working toward better health, more effective cures for people and the animals we love.

We can see this world because we’re working towards it everyday.

Recently, we helped launch a revolutionary initiative that will replace animal testing through new technologies.

It’s called the Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS)—and supporters like you played an important role in making it happen.

Rise for Animals’ movement is led by trailblazers who know the status quo is hurting animals and holding science back. We saw an opportunity to do things differently—to jumpstart and fuel new research methods based on human biology not animal biology. The passion and ingenuity of our supporters was the catalyst for this new initiative. You are the spark that will light the way forward.

Here’s how your support will break new ground for science and save animals’ lives:

  • Pioneer a paradigm shift of the animal research industry to innovative, evidence-based research methods based on human biology
  • Cultivate a new generation of scientists who will disrupt the status quo of an industry which prioritizes cruelty to animals over cures for humankind
  • Advance scientific discovery by connecting innovative researchers and funders, as well as stakeholders in the government and at universities

CCS is led by top experts in the field of alternatives development—President and CEO Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H. and Director of Science and Technology Dr. Jarrod Bailey, Ph.D.

By leveraging technology and markets, CCS will fight every day alongside Rise for Animals to end animal experimentation in our lifetime.

We’re so proud of all the amazing people who came together to help build CCS from the ground up. With your support of Rise for Animals and the Center for Contemporary Sciences, we will change the world—making it safer for both humans and animals.

Discover this exciting new frontier that will save animals and find better cures for the people we love.

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