President Biden: Reject the Proposed Monkey Stockpile
The Rise for Animals Team, May 13, 2021
With like-minded organizations and experts, we are urging the Biden-Harris Administration to turn down a proposal to hoard monkeys for use in future experiments.
University of Washington Wants to Hide Monkey Suffering
Frances Chrzan, May 11, 2021
A captive monkey escaped her cage, was harmed, and lost her arm. They're trying to hide the evidence of their incompetent animal care staff—but we won’t let them.
We Helped Uncover a Secret USDA Policy
Frances Chrzan, May 6, 2021
A secret policy we uncovered shows the USDA doesn’t inspect every lab as required by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
USDA Caught Breaking the Law to Hide Animal Torture
Rise for Animals Team, May 6, 2021
Documents secured by Rise for Animals show the agency’s calculated plan to break federal law.
My Darling Ferret Bred by Marshall and Sold by Petco
Frances Chrzan, May 5, 2021
Every one of the eight ferrets Frances has ever rescued was bred by Marshall and sold by Petco. This is a tribute to Finnick (July 15, 2015–May 1, 2021).
We Remember Mothers Tortured in Labs
Frances Chrzan, May 4, 2021
These are nine ways mothers suffer for experiments.
Activists Pressure Petco to Cut Ties with Animal Cruelty
Amy Meyer, April 28, 2021
From coast to coast, activists protested at Petco on World Day for Animals in Labs—and they got Petco’s attention.
Two Months with Indy
Michelle Lanzarone (Guest Author), April 24, 2021
For the first time, Indy the beagle felt loving arms and grass beneath his feet after six years of being caged and experimented upon.
Meet Activists Working to Save Monkeys in ASU’s Labs
The Rise for Animals Team, April 22, 2021
Andrea Vee and Chandra Fuller, activists in the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere—Phoenix, are committed to ending the use of animals in the university’s lab.