A baby monkey sits behind steel bars.
We’re Suing to Get Video Proof of Baby Primate Abuse
Frances Chrzan, December 3, 2020
The federal government is breaking the law by ignoring our Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) so we’ve decided to sue them over it.
White rabbits sit in small, barren, metal cages
Rabbit 612958 Died a Victim of Untrained Caretakers
Casey Webster, November 24, 2020
Government researchers failed to observe obvious signs of distress in rabbits.
White rodent with red eyes looks up
Why We're Telling USDA to Scrap a Proposed Rule Change
Frances Chrzan, November 19, 2020
The oversight bodies in labs using animals have to review animal studies each year. This shouldn’t change.
A monkey's arm is tied down, restrained at Arizona State University's primate research laboratory
Free Monkey “090235”
Nathan Herschler, November 18, 2020
The metal bar tight around his neck. His arm tied down. See the truth at Arizona State University—and help us shut them down.
Photo of an organ-on-a-chip, a microfluidic device chip that simulates a human organ
Replacing Animal Testing Through Technology
Nathan Herschler, November 10, 2020
With your support, we’re fueling the brightest minds to find more effective cures for all—at the expense of none.
A long-tailed macaque and her offspring sit among lush green trees
Stolen from the Wild
Nathan Herschler, October 29, 2020
Thousands of monkeys have been stolen from the wild in Mauritius, Vietnam, and China to be imprisoned and sold to support the animal experimentation industry.
A beagle lifts her eyes up
Warning: These Pet Products Support Animal Cruelty
Amy Meyer, October 27, 2020
In pet stores across America, Marshall BioResources, one of the largest breeders of animals for torture in labs, sells Marshall Pet Products.
Photo of a chimpanzee looking down behind cage bars
Yet Again, NIH Resists Sending Chimps to Sanctuary
Mike Ryan, October 27, 2020
When a transfer benefits only chimps, NIH suddenly cares about welfare.
You're Ending Animal Experimentation. Don’t Stop Now.
Nathan Herschler, October 26, 2020
Recently, Rise for Animals announced our bold new goal: to end animal experimentation in our lifetime.