Good News! Senate Eliminates Cosmetics Testing Provision
The Rise for Animals Team, October 5, 2022
Countless animals will have continued protection from cosmetics testing in ten states where life-saving laws were threatened.
Take Action for Helen
The Rise for Animals Team, October 3, 2022
Urge your Rep. to vote for the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 to prevent unnecessary, cruel, and useless experiments on animals.
A Critical Crossroads for Biomedical Research
The Rise for Animals Team, September 8, 2022
The field of medical research and testing is at a critical crossroads.
A dog and cat snuggle together in a sunny room
Good News for Dogs and Cats in Massachusetts!
The Rise for Animals Team, August 8, 2022
Dogs and cats in Massachusetts will have a chance to enjoy life as beloved companions after surviving life as experimental subjects in laboratories.
A photo of a beagle in a steel cage
Act Now to Save More Beagles (and Other Dogs)!
The Rise for Animals Team, August 3, 2022
Thousands of dogs are suffering in labs and need you to take action to protect them.
Act Now to Help Take the Cruelty Out of Cosmetics!
The Rise for Animals Team, July 15, 2022
New legislation will put our ability to end cosmetic animal testing at risk—but you can do something about it.
A member of Rise for Animals' rescue team cups a dog's face in her hands
Thanks to You: Cooper's 'Happily Ever After'
The Rise for Animals Team, June 18, 2022
After enduring unnecessary practice surgeries at the hands of veterinary students, Cooper is living a dog’s dream.
Challenging USDA’s Secret Policy that Limits Lab Inspections
The Rise for Animals Team, April 5, 2022
A sneaky policy we helped unearth shows the USDA allows many animal research facilities to go largely unchecked. 
Act Now to Save Animals and Modernize Science
The Rise for Animals Team, March 10, 2022
Let your lawmakers know animal protection and effective, ethical science are important to you. Urge your legislators to support the FDA Modernization Act of 2021 now.