Flakita, a dog rescued by Rise for Animals, looks cheery in the arms of Amy Meyer who smiles
Her Body Is Broken—But Her Spirit Is Not
Amy Meyer, September 10, 2020
With the help of generous animal lovers like you, our rescue team was recently able to save three dogs from death after being used for “practice” in a vet school lab.
Image of a young rhesus macaque, head turned over his shoulder
What Were Their Names?
Lindsay Oliver, September 1, 2020
Two monkeys were killed after being put in a cage washing machine at the Oregon National Primate Research Center.
Mama Girl, a white rat with red eyes, sits in a clean and cozy cage post-rescue
My Rat Rescue Mission
Lindsay Oliver, August 31, 2020
The "sac rack" is where animals wait to be killed after experimenters are done with them.
A small, white mouse clings to the inside of a container
First Children, Now Animals—Dead at Hospital
The Rise for Animals Team, August 24, 2020
In a Seattle hospital where bad air filtration is linked to the deaths of children, newly uncovered documents show animals are being killed too.
A baby mouse, its skin pink and translucent, curls up in a person's open palm
Baby Mice Wake Up in Frozen Body Bags
The Rise for Animals Team, August 18, 2020
When laboratory workers peered into a cage that was supposed to contain only three adult female mice—it was teaming with newborns.
A macaque sits among greenery
We Hear You
Amy Meyer, August 18, 2020
Even when your concerns are ignored by the institutions that are supposed to protect animals in labs, we hear you.
The small, furry hand of an infant monkey clutches a human finger
Inside the Monkey Lab
Madeline Krasno, August 12, 2020
Madeline Krasno, a former student animal caretaker, shares her experience at the infamous Harlow Primate Lab.
A close-up of a chimpanzee's brown eyes peering at the reader
Chimpanzees in Alamogordo May Finally Be Allowed to Retire
Frances Chrzan, August 12, 2020
Thanks to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D-CA], funding for the NIH includes a provision about retiring the chimps in New Mexico, and chimps in other research facilities
A groundhog peeks his head over grass
Animals You Didn't Know are Suffering in Laboratories
Amy Meyer, August 4, 2020
You know that there are millions of animals suffering inside laboratories. But did you know about these less-often discussed species used in experiments?