Calling all law students!
Interested in Taking an Animal Law Course?
The Rise for Animals Team, June 24, 2021
This summer, take an online legal course on animal experiments offered by the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School.
Another Lab Hangs Mice by Their Tails for Cruel Experiments
Natassia Tuhovak, June 22, 2021
It's excruciating, terrifying, and unnatural. Experimenters are hanging mice upside-down for a week.
Shelves hold rows and rows of white rats in small, clear plastic cages
Deciphering Deceitful Language Used by Experimenters
Amy Meyer, June 22, 2021
Words matter. Animal experimenters know it. That’s why they choose their words carefully when they describe how they are hurting animals.
Primate-Experimenting University Settles Grant Fraud Case
The Rise for Animals Team, June 21, 2021
The $1.32 million settlement with the Justice Department comes after charges of alleged misuse of taxpayer money for more than 200 grants.
Let’s Make Sure Our Companion Animals Don’t End Up in Labs
Natassia Tuhovak, June 17, 2021
We support the Pet Safety and Protection Act, a federal bill just reintroduced by Representatives Mike Doyle and Chris Smith.
Hooray! No More Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Maine
The Rise for Animals Team, June 15, 2021
Maine has just become the 6th state in the nation to ban the manufacture and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals.
Cats Given COVID-19 and Left to Suffer at University
Frances Chrzan, June 11, 2021
The University of Wisconsin-Madison infected cats with the deadly virus, then watched as the cats suffered.
UC Davis Negligence Results in Infant Monkey Death (Again)
Amy Meyer, June 1, 2021
At this point, it’s hard to keep up with how many monkeys UC Davis has killed.
Urgent: Californians, Dogs and Cats Need You Now!
Frances Chrzan, June 1, 2021
CA residents, save dogs and cats from experiments now. Please contact your Senator and urge them to support S.B. 252.