What Kind of Person Does THIS to a Helpless Animal?
The Rise for Animals Team, February 10, 2021
Our research team shares three findings about animal experimenters who know what they do is wrong—but do it anyway.
The small, furry hand of an infant monkey clutches a human finger
The Problem Is Bigger Than You Can Imagine
The Rise for Animals Team, February 5, 2021
Numbers from one of the of the country’s most notorious animal laboratories, OHSU, clue us into the immense scale of the overall animal experimentation industry.
A dog and cat snuggle together in a sunny room
Animals in Virginia Have a Chance at Post-Research Adoption
Frances Chrzan, February 4, 2021
Virginia is considering a post-research adoption bill for dogs and cats.
A beagle looks on, tongue out
2021: Our Year to Save Animals
Nathan Herschler, Executive Director, January 19, 2021
Against all odds, we are emerging from 2020 knowing change is possible.
A macaque's amber eyes
Extreme Primate Suffering at Covance Laboratories, Inc.
Frances Chrzan, January 5, 2021
After uncovering alarming evidence of animal abuse, we want the USDA to inspect this lab again.
A loose sketch of a monkey over a blue-green starry sky
NASA Killed Every Primate in Its Possession on a Single Day
Frances Chrzan, December 22, 2020
Rise for Animals has uncovered the mass killing of monkeys at NASA last—deaths that must be investigated.
Mice crowd at the edge of a metal cage, their noses sticking through the bars
Mice Suffer and Die at Columbia University
Frances Chrzan, December 18, 2020
It’s time they count and reduce the number of animals they use in experiments.
A macaque sits under artificial lighting behind a wired cage walls
3 Elderly Primates Trapped at the University of Wisconsin
Frances Chrzan, December 16, 2020
Ask UW-Madison to send these primates to sanctuary.
Breaking: We’re Taking USDA to Court
Frances Chrzan, December 15, 2020
We hope this lawsuit will require USDA to create a standard rule regarding primate psychological enrichment.