How to Talk About Animals in Labs Over the Holidays
Amy Meyer, November 25, 2019
When someone shares their opinion with you and it’s a direct contradiction to your values, you have options in how you respond.
The underside of a dog's paw
Emergency Dog Rescue
Nathan Herschler, November 21, 2019
Dogs used for training at a vet school are in need of immediate rescue and rehoming. You can help.
A ferret looks up sweetly
Someone, Not Something
Nathan Herschler, November 15, 2019
The sheer enormity of the scale of suffering we witness as animal advocates makes it important to remember the value of individual animals.
Secret Experiments on Dogs
Mike Ryan, November 6, 2019
A young graduate student in Pennsylvania experimented on 24 dogs in the basement of Temple University. We got our hands on her dissertation.
Beagle puppy in a cage
It's a Puppy Mill. It's a Factory Farm.
Amy Meyer, November 4, 2019
Did you know the cruelty of animal testing starts before the animals even arrive at the laboratory?
Does an activist look like you? It should.
Amy Meyer, October 30, 2019
Picture an “activist.” What comes to your mind? A person holding a protest sign? A megaphone? Someone chanting? I suspect the activist in your mind is taking action.
Take Action for Chimpanzees Denied Promised Sanctuary
The Rise for Animals Team, October 28, 2019
The NIH has announced they will not transfer 44 chimpanzees housed at the Alamogordo Primate Research Facility to sanctuary. Tell the NIH this is unacceptable.
Update: Purina Thinks It's Okay to Test on Dogs and Cats
The Rise for Animals Team, October 23, 2019
You may remember that last December, we exposed Nestle/Purina for testing on dogs and cats inside a dedicated research facility in St. Joseph, MI. Now we have an update.
Why is Toxikon Getting Away with Cruel AWA Violations?
Mike Ryan, October 23, 2019
About 45 minutes outside of Boston in Bedford, MA is a corporation called Toxikon that primarily does invasive and often deadly animal experiments.