Cartoon image of a mouse in outer space
A Mouse in Space
Nathan Herschler, April 21, 2020
Scientists continue to force helpless animals into extreme isolation far from Earth.
A frightened kitten with green eyes staring out from a cage
5 Ways Labs Hide the Truth—And How You Can Expose Them
Amy Meyer, March 31, 2020
What do you think would happen if everyone knew exactly how much animals suffered inside labs? Like you, they’d rise up and demand change.
A white mouse rests in a gloved hand
Two Whistleblowers Stop Animal Torture at Teaching Hospital
Nathan Herschler, March 27, 2020
What was happening to mice in the lab was brutal and unauthorized. So two whistleblowers did what they knew was right.
Snuggled in blankets, a beagle pokes his nose out
We're Thinking of You
Nathan Herschler, March 20, 2020
You've been there for animals when they need you. It's now time to put you first. That's why we've pulled together a few resources to help you cope with COVID-19.
Amy Meyer, our Grassroots Organizer, receives kisses on her face from a rescued dog
Your Rescue Update
The Rise for Animals Team, March 10, 2020
On November 23, 2019, our Animal Rescue Team launched its latest mission—liberate and rehome dogs tortured in cruel medical experiments a university in Mexico.
A macaque peers through steel cage bars
Three Monkeys Die at a Lab Due to Negligence
The Rise for Animals Team, January 29, 2020
We’ve uncovered that in 2019 three monkeys died of dehydration and a fourth suffered due to staff negligence at a South Carolina lab called Alpha Genesis.
A beagle stands in a metal cage
Dogs in Labs Never Get Exercise
Amy Meyer, January 22, 2020
Experiments on animals in labs are truly horrifying—but the horror doesn’t stop there.
A close up of a monkey's paw
What Happened to Monkey “NM13”?
Nathan Herschler, January 17, 2020
Festering wound, extreme hair loss, and filthy cages — You can stop the horrific mistreatment of primates at Emory University.
A monkey trapped in a cage
“Something Is Very Wrong at Lovelace”
Amy Meyer, January 3, 2020
Appalling neglect at Lovelace Institute kills monkeys: Tell the USDA to issue the maximum penalty.