Discover the Best Tool you have for Exposing Cruel Experimen
Mike Ryan, January 23, 2019
The majority of Americans oppose lethal medical experiments on captive animals. That’s why perpetrators of the cruelest experiments go to great lengths to hide.
Five Places Where Experiments on Cats are Increasing
Leila Arefi-Pour, January 23, 2019
5 U.S.-based facilities have the dishonorable distinction of having most sharply increased the population (or percentage) of cats being cruelly used as test tubes.
Image of a white-faced cat with amber eyes
Great Trends: Five Places Reducing Cat Experiments
Leila Arefi-Pour, January 23, 2019
Here’s a look at five places in the U.S. where the number of cats being held for or used in cruel experiments is fast reducing.
SPECIES DIFFERENCES: The Elephant in the Room
The Rise for Animals Team, January 11, 2019
It’s time to question the scientific merit of using animals to cure human diseases.
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: How are Lab Animals Killed? Cervica
Nathan Herschler, January 11, 2019
Ever heard of “cervical dislocation”? In short, it’s having your neck broken. Here’s how experimenters are killing mice and rats with this method.
5 Places Increasing the Number of Dogs in Cruel Experiments
Frances Chrzan, January 9, 2019
As public opposition to animal experimentation grows, the practice still occurs and, in some cases, is increasing.
New Bill Demands Agencies Disclose Number of Animals in Labs
Mike Ryan, January 7, 2019
The number may be as high as 100 million but we can’t say for sure without this law passing.
What the Government Shutdown Means for Animals in Labs
Mike Ryan, January 4, 2019
USDA inspectors of labs aren’t conducting critical oversight.
Mental Trauma and Laboratory Animals
Nathan Herschler, January 3, 2019
The suffering experienced by animals in labs is not limited to physical trauma.