What Happens to the Animals When Research Is Interrupted?
Nathan Herschler, November 15, 2018
Find out about the suffering experienced by animals trapped in labs when disasters strike.
Chimpanzees Heading to Sanctuary Under New Guidelines
Nathan Herschler, November 9, 2018
We asked our supporters to submit comments to the NIH pleading for the expedited rehoming of former research chimps.
Species Spotlight: The Marmoset
Mike Ryan, November 9, 2018
Around 35 million years ago in our evolution, we diverged from the group of non-human primates we call marmosets.
The Common Marmoset in Research
Mike Ryan, November 9, 2018
Take a look at how often marmosets used in research, why they’re used, and which parts of the NIH have most readily ignored federal law to reduce animal tests.
A Moment of Realization for Primate Researcher John Gluck
Mike Ryan, November 7, 2018
After years experimenting on primates in a laboratory, Dr. John Gluck witnessed something that changed his perspective forever.
Image of a white rate being held in a gloved hand
Animals and Cosmetics Testing: An Unnecessary Duo
Christie Hendrickson, November 6, 2018
Before your lip balm made it to the bottom of your bag, there’s a chance its ingredients were tested on animals.
Even a Broken Mouse Model is Right Twice a Day
Nathan Herschler, November 6, 2018
Cosmos Magazine recently published a searing indictment of mouse tests as a predictor of what will happen with drugs on humans.
More Cures and Fewer Animals: We Can Have Both
Nathan Herschler, November 5, 2018
“The public wants more cures, but fewer animals. They can’t have it both ways." This is false!
"Science Magazine" Covers NEAVS Finding
Mike Ryan, November 2, 2018
We crunched the numbers to discover that the use of primates for medical experiments has reached an all time-high. Science Magazine featured this problem.