Ending Chimp Research was "Right"—So Why Not End It All?
Mike Ryan, December 12, 2018
The NIH says ending chimp experiments was "the right thing to do". So why not end all primate testing?
Sen. Booker Introduces Historic Bill to End Primate Research
Mike Ryan, December 12, 2018
Senator Cory Booker just made history by introducing the first law that would finally mandate a reduction in primate experimentation.
With Your Support, We Will Eliminate Animals from Labs
Christie Hendrickson, December 10, 2018
What will it take to get to a world without animal testing? And what will the world look like when we win?
The "Three Rs"
Mike Ryan, December 10, 2018
Reduction, replacement, and refinement—and what these terms mean for animals in labs.
Tell the NIH to Maintain Protections for Animals in Research
Nathan Herschler, December 7, 2018
You can help stop Congress from adopting recommendations that remove protections for animals in labs.
New Maryland Law Mandates USDA Adopt Out Kittens
Mike Ryan, November 30, 2018
earlier this year it was revealed that the USDA is killing 50-100 kittens every year in cruel and wasteful experiments In case you missed it, earlier tin Beltsville, MD.
White rodent with red eyes on a white background
Alzheimer’s Studies are Weapons of Mouse Destruction
Nathan Herschler, November 30, 2018
The animal research community admitted that billions of taxpayer dollars and many thousands of animals have been killed in meaningless research into Alzheimer’s Disease.
Happy Birthday to Anti-Vivisectionist Mark Twain
Mike Ryan, November 29, 2018
His moral opposition to animal testing never wavered.
What is the Draize Test?
Nathan Herschler, November 29, 2018
In 1944, the Draize test was invented as a way to measure skin and eye irritancy of chemicals and other products.