Take Action: Deny Animal Exploiters More Power

The Rise for Animals Team, May 23, 2024

As an animal rights organization, we at Rise for Animals proudly support diverse efforts to realize a more just world for all – including, of course, other-than-human animals exploited outside of laboratories. 

We do this frequently, and, right now, we and our farmed animal allies need your help!

U.S. politicians are, once again, trying to invalidate state and local laws that concern farmed animal welfare, and we cannot let them succeed.

In 2023, Rise for Animals joined a coalition of 157 organizations to oppose the EATS Act, which was poised to (1) undermine thousands of existing state and local laws (like California’s Prop 12, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court) and (2) impede states and localities from enacting stronger protections for farmed animals than those that “exist” (none really do…) at the federal level.

We succeeded last year, but now it looks like we’re facing the same dismal danger. 

Representative Glenn (“GT”) Thompson – proud “descendant of a long line of dairy farmers” and Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture – is angling to amend the Farm Bill to, among other items, negate California’s Prop 12 and all other state and local laws that concern the intensive confinement of farmed animals.

Though Representative Thompson’s agenda emphasizes the interests of the agricultural animal use industry, it serves to benefit the whole of the animal industrial complex by shirking and preventing the regulation of animal exploitation.

Representative Thompson’s push undoubtedly enjoys support from all animal use industries (including the animal research industry), and, to have a chance at defeating it, all of us animal advocates must join together in taking action.  

Urge your U.S. Representatives and Senators to oppose Representative Thompson’s efforts to invalidate state and local agricultural laws through revisions to the Farm Bill. 

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