How to Make Drugs... and Free Animals! It’s Movie Time!

The Rise for Animals Team, May 16, 2024

There’s a new movie about animal research in the works — and from the acclaimed makers of Cowspiracy and What the Health, no less!

How to Make Drugs and Feel Great About Everything is set to explore the ethics of using animals for human science and help “create a world where science is more effective, medicine helps more people, and less animals are in laboratories”. 

True to its filmmakers’ past creations, How to Make Drugs and Feel Great About Everything looks to pack a punch, condensing down into a single production a 360-degree-view of the vivisectionist biomedical industry — to include how it became the megacorp that it is, its consequences for all animals, and the financial interests that drive and protect it. 

Valiantly, this film also seeks to support the anti-vivisection movement in another, much needed way: by invoking humor to make this heavy topic more “accessible” and “digestible” for all.

As many of us know firsthand, learning about and advocating for social justice causes — which seek to unveil and correct society’s greatest failings — is often accompanied by significant (and, at times, overwhelming) emotional turmoil; and, this poses one of our greatest hurdles to finding audiences and welcoming new allies.

Such an inescapable reality makes us all the more grateful for this new and upcoming effort, which promises to pair reverent and welcome levity with one of the “most successful tools for bringing about culture change”: documentary filmmaking.

While (excitedly!) waiting for the release of How to Make Drugs and Feel Great About Everything, you may wish to consider catching up on already-available films that shine a light on the use of animals for human science, including:

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