New Maryland Law Mandates USDA Adopt Out Kittens
Mike Ryan, November 30, 2018
earlier this year it was revealed that the USDA is killing 50-100 kittens every year in cruel and wasteful experiments In case you missed it, earlier tin Beltsville, MD.
White rodent with red eyes on a white background
Alzheimer’s Studies are Weapons of Mouse Destruction
Nathan Herschler, November 30, 2018
The animal research community admitted that billions of taxpayer dollars and many thousands of animals have been killed in meaningless research into Alzheimer’s Disease.
Happy Birthday to Anti-Vivisectionist Mark Twain
Mike Ryan, November 29, 2018
His moral opposition to animal testing never wavered.
What is the Draize Test?
Nathan Herschler, November 29, 2018
In 1944, the Draize test was invented as a way to measure skin and eye irritancy of chemicals and other products.
Unnecessary Suffering: Captive Primate Experiments
Mike Ryan, November 29, 2018
We've put together this overview of primate experiments.
Reduce Unnecessary Dog Tests at FDA
Nathan Herschler, November 28, 2018
Urge the FDA to refrain from experiments on dogs.
Nathan Herschler, November 27, 2018
With your help, we are waging the most robust campaign against animal experimentation in decades.
Fewer Cats, Dogs, Rabbits Suffering in Experiments
Mike Ryan, November 21, 2018
The number of cats, dogs, and rabbits that suffer in medical experiments continues to decrease steadily.
Meet the Primate Testing Experts Advising NEAVS
Mike Ryan, November 20, 2018
We’ve assembled an all-star team of credentialed experts in the field of animal research and primate experiments.