Update: You Helped Protect Nonhuman Primates from the NIH!

The Rise for Animals Team, April 18, 2024

Late last year, we asked you to contact your members of Congress in opposition to the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) request for an additional $30 million in funding for nonhuman primate experimentation. You took action . . . and YOU DID IT!

At the end of March, the federal government’s 2024 budget was finalized without including $30 million more dollars to fund even more nonhuman primate research and breeding. (As it stands, the NIH received more than $47 billion, over half of which will fund animal research, including that involving nonhuman primates.)

Please help us keep the momentum going by advocating not just against greater harm but also in favor of greater protection for primates trapped in labs.

We are still awaiting word from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as to whether two species of macaques being trafficked for use in biomedical research will be deemed endangered species, which means it’s not too late to lend your support. 

Take Action for Endangered Macaques