Act News Articles

Here's What Animal Abuse Looks Like
Frances Chrzan, March 13, 2019
5 Examples of Animal Welfare Act Violations in Animal Experiments.
How Fish Suffer in Medical Experiments
Lindsay Vierheilig, March 7, 2019
When most people think of animal testing, the first animals that come to mind are rats and mice. Another kind of animal that is popular among researchers, but receives ve
VICTORY! Congress Says “Reduce Animal Testing”
Mike Ryan, March 4, 2019
Over 70% of Members of Congress just sent a message to the EPA.
Support the PREPARED ACT
Nathan Herschler, February 27, 2019
This bill would require research institutions to “develop, document, and follow” a contingency plan to care for animals that may be subjected to natural disasters.
TAKE ACTION: Help End Animal Testing for Cosmetics in China
Nathan Herschler, February 22, 2019
You can help end animal testing for cosmetics in China. China, the world largest market for cosmetics, still requires beauty products to be tested on animals.
President Signs Bill Telling USDA to Stop Killing Kittens
Mike Ryan, February 14, 2019
Remember how we told you that the USDA was killing healthy kittens in Beltsville, Maryland, just because they didn’t need the kittens after getting a simple stool sample?
Discover the Best Tool you have for Exposing Cruel Experimen
Mike Ryan, January 23, 2019
The majority of Americans oppose lethal medical experiments on captive animals. That’s why perpetrators of the cruelest experiments go to great lengths to hide.
Five Places Where Experiments on Cats are Increasing
Leila Arefi-Pour, January 23, 2019
5 U.S.-based facilities have the dishonorable distinction of having most sharply increased the population (or percentage) of cats being cruelly used as test tubes.
New Bill Demands Agencies Disclose Number of Animals in Labs
Mike Ryan, January 7, 2019
The number may be as high as 100 million but we can’t say for sure without this law passing.