Act News Articles

The CARGO Act: Defund Foreign Animal Laboratories Now
The Rise for Animals Team, August 28, 2023
The CARGO Act is positioned to reduce harm to animals, save animals’ lives, support more ethical science, and save American tax dollars.
Grassroots Spotlight: The Northwest Animal Rights Network
The Rise for Animals Team, August 10, 2023
NARN is a Washington State-based animal protection group championing “the rights of all sentient beings."
Phone Booths & Shoeboxes: The “Breaking” of Animals in Labs
The Rise for Animals Team, August 3, 2023
Not only do laboratory cages wreak havoc on their occupants’ physical well-being, they also devastate their mental states.
You and I Are Among the Largest Funders of Animal Research
The Rise for Animals Team, July 22, 2023
The NIH is the largest federal funder of animal research . . . yet there’s a huge amount we don’t know about how the NIH is spending our money.  
Lives Stolen for a Lucrative Business
The Rise for Animals Team, July 18, 2023
NatGeo reports that the “business in long-tailed macaques is a lucrative one”, with shipments of stolen, commodified lives valued at more than $1 billion.
Protecting Primates: The Fight is On
The Rise for Animals Team, June 28, 2023
NABR doesn’t want macaques protected in any way because this would make their enslavement and torture in research laboratories, they say, “more difficult”.
Oregonians: Help Animals in Labs in Under 30 Seconds! 
The Rise for Animals Team, June 18, 2023
Help Oregon become the 11th state to pass a ban on animal-tested cosmetics.
The Animal Research Industry is Endangering Entire Species
The Rise for Animals Team, May 19, 2023
Rise for Animals has signed onto two petitions asking that long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques receive protection from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Join us now.
Look in a Lab: What’s Happening to Monkeys at UW?
The Rise for Animals Team, May 11, 2023
They drill through monkeys’ skulls and implant devices on their brains. They kill them, slice them apart, and sell off their body parts—like brains and eyes.