Justice for All, Great and Small

The Rise for Animals Team, October 4, 2023

Celebrated around the world each October 4th, World Animal Day is an international call for all of us “to give our voices to all species”. And, though we at Rise for Animals know that other-than-humans do not need to be given human voices – that they have their own and raise them valiantly in resistance to human domination and exploitation – we are always committed to joining our voices with theirs, in solidarity. 

This year’s World Animal Day theme is “Great Or Small Love Them All” . . . and we do.

We agree that all other-than-human animals are worthy of human affection and admiration – really, of human love.  

But, here’s the surprising thing: you needn’t love animals to support our work.

At its core, our fight for animal rights is not about love. It’s about justice.

Abolishing the use of other-than-human animals as experimental subjects for humans is part of a larger social justice movement, one striving to end domination and oppression. Indeed, our work rejects the violent and discriminatory notion that those belonging to different species are lesser than humans. And, as such, our work is critically interconnected with social justice efforts that reject the “othering” of humans on account of innate characteristics.

To join us, then – to embrace World Animal Day and its message of inclusion and unity – you need not love other-than-human animals, great or small (though love is always a bonus!). You need only long for a more just and equitable world. 

Join us in rising up for all animals, great and small. For you and many others, it may be an act of love, but, for everyone, it is an act of justice.

Visit our Advocacy Center to rise up and take action online for animals in labs who deserve better. The more actions you take, the louder the chorus demanding justice for all, great and small. 

Demand Justice Now

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