SPECIES DIFFERENCES: The Elephant in the Room
The Rise for Animals Team, January 11, 2019
It’s time to question the scientific merit of using animals to cure human diseases.
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: How are Lab Animals Killed? Cervica
Nathan Herschler, January 11, 2019
Ever heard of “cervical dislocation”? In short, it’s having your neck broken. Here’s how experimenters are killing mice and rats with this method.
Reduce Unnecessary Dog Tests at FDA
Nathan Herschler, November 28, 2018
Urge the FDA to refrain from experiments on dogs.
Nathan Herschler, November 27, 2018
With your help, we are waging the most robust campaign against animal experimentation in decades.
Fewer Cats, Dogs, Rabbits Suffering in Experiments
Mike Ryan, November 21, 2018
The number of cats, dogs, and rabbits that suffer in medical experiments continues to decrease steadily.
Meet the Primate Testing Experts Advising NEAVS
Mike Ryan, November 20, 2018
We’ve assembled an all-star team of credentialed experts in the field of animal research and primate experiments.
What Happens to the Animals When Research Is Interrupted?
Nathan Herschler, November 15, 2018
Find out about the suffering experienced by animals trapped in labs when disasters strike.
Chimpanzees Heading to Sanctuary Under New Guidelines
Nathan Herschler, November 9, 2018
We asked our supporters to submit comments to the NIH pleading for the expedited rehoming of former research chimps.
The Common Marmoset in Research
Mike Ryan, November 9, 2018
Take a look at how often marmosets used in research, why they’re used, and which parts of the NIH have most readily ignored federal law to reduce animal tests.