GivingTuesday: Help to Liberate Animals from Labs

The Rise for Animals Team, November 21, 2023

GivingTuesday is no ordinary day: It’s a global celebration of generosity that empowers individuals like you to make a positive impact in our communities and across our planet. 

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If you’re reading this, you’re part of a community that cares deeply about the well-being of our fellow living beings on earth — including the countless animals who suffer needlessly in the name of science. Today, you can transform that compassion into a tangible force for good. 

At Rise for Animals, we stand at the forefront of a mission that echoes your values. We work to free animals from the clutches of torment in laboratories, advocate for their rights and liberation, and champion scientific progress that never involves harm. As advocates for change, we fight for legislative reforms and policies that not only protect animals but also prevent them from ever being forced to enter the confines of laboratories. 

Your support empowers our campaigns and magnifies our community’s collective voice for animals. 

Your donation, made before midnight on GivingTuesday, November 28th, can work wonders for animals in laboratories. Here are the critical initiatives your support will fuel:

Freeing Animals from Labs

Your contribution supports ongoing efforts to liberate animals from the shackles of experimentation. It offers them a chance at a life free from suffering — the lives they deserve.

Advocating for Change

Empower advocacy campaigns with your support. Push for legislative changes that safeguard animals and prevent them from enduring the horrors of laboratory life.

Promoting Innovation

Any gift you make contributes to the development and promotion of innovative, humane research alternatives that are more ethical, reliable, and beneficial for all living beings, both human and nonhuman.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Donate now and help reshape the narrative of biomedical research. Your support helps to expose the horrors of animal research, enact life-saving laws, free animals from labs, and modernize science to benefit more humans – faster and more ethically than ever before.

The gift you give isn’t just a donation; it’s a step towards a future where compassion and cutting-edge science unite to triumph over needless cruelty. Together, we will end animal experimentation in our lifetime. 

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