Get These Monkeys Added to the Endangered Species List
The animal experimentation industry has pushed these two species of monkeys to the brink of extinction. We need your help to get the long-tailed macaque and the pig-tailed macaque added to the list of endangered species with protections under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
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A rhesus macaque stares intently though cage bars
No Water for Monkeys—You Can Make Them Pay!
Infamous supplier of monkeys for torture in labs allowed animals to suffer and die of dehydration. Make them pay.
Make Them Pay
A rat hangs onto the metal bars of his cage
Stop Cruelty at Louisiana State University
The Louisiana State University system (LSU) has repeatedly shown a complete disregard for animal welfare at their animal laboratories. They must be held accountable. Please urge NIH to stop handing out taxpayer dollars for cruel experiments at LSU.
Stop the Torture
A macaque holds onto cage wiring
Stop UC-Davis from Torturing Primates
UC-Davis routinely violates federal animal laws and engages in some of the most abusive experiments on primates in the U.S. today. Please take a moment to demand that their accreditation be suspended.
Save Primates
A beagle's paw rests on cage bars
End Cruel Tests on Dogs at Purdue University
Purdue researchers created a toxic substance that resulted in a long duration of suffering and ultimately death for dogs. Please tell Purdue to end all invasive dog experiments.
End Dog Experiments
A white guinea pig cowers in a steel cage
Ask the U.S. Ambassador to China to Push for an End to Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Please take a moment to email Terry Branstad, the U.S. Ambassador to China, urging him to work with the Chinese government to push for revised regulations permitting the sale of imported cruelty-free cosmetics.
Stop Cruel Cosmetics
White rabbit sits in a small, barren, metal cage
Demand that Southern Research Be Fined for Leaving Rabbits to Suffer
No laboratory should be allowed to leave innocent rabbits to suffer a painful death because they are not adequately staffed. Join us in asking the USDA’s Animal Care Division to levy the maximum fine to Southern Research for this negligence.
Insist Maximum Fine
A rabbit in a cage at Vanderbilt displays an eye swollen shut
Urge Vanderbilt University to End Painful Experiments on Rabbits
We've uncovered that rabbits at Vanderbilt University have had their eyes injected with cancer cells and have been left agonizing in pain for days. Please take a moment to demand that this cruelty ends now.
Help Vanderbilt Rabbits
A macaque, open-mouthed, looks through cage wiring
Tell Emory University: End Painful, Invasive Experiments on Primates
Documents and photos we obtained show animal suffering and primate mistreatment at Emory University in Atlanta, GA are getting worse. Please sign this petition to Emory's VP of Research to tell him to phase out all primate research.
Help Emory Primates
A human hand in blue medical gloves reached towards white rabbits held in cages
Tell EPA to Reject Draize Test Results
The use of the cruel Draize test is optional and the EPA allows companies to submit similar test results that come from non-animal research methods. We are asking the EPA to reject any test results submitted to them by industry officials unless non-animal methods were used.
Reject the Draize Test