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A mouse, small and grey, looks into the camera
The Sac Rack
Lindsay Oliver, June 5, 2020
“It stands for sacrifice,” another lab technician told me as I eyed the sign. Sacrifice?…”
A black cat—named
"Cry Baby" the Cat Needs You
The Rise for Animals Team, May 27, 2020
The heartless treatment of one small cat is just the tip of the iceberg. Riner and Associates has been hurting animals for years. You can shut them down.
On a dingy wall, a dirty white sign marked
Peek Inside a Laboratory Building
Amy Meyer, May 18, 2020
You might be surprised by what you see.
A rodent walks away from the camera
Exposed: Cutting Open Animals by Phone Light
Amy Meyer, May 7, 2020
Harrowing new story of surgical experiment shows how little experimenters care about animals—again. You can shut them down.
A ferret holds on to the cage bars in front of him
Silent Sufferers
Frances Chrzan, April 28, 2020
Not all animals scream when they’re hurt.
Cartoon image of a mouse in outer space
A Mouse in Space
Nathan Herschler, April 21, 2020
Scientists continue to force helpless animals into extreme isolation far from Earth.
A frightened kitten with green eyes staring out from a cage
5 Ways Labs Hide the Truth—And How You Can Expose Them
Amy Meyer, March 31, 2020
What do you think would happen if everyone knew exactly how much animals suffered inside labs? Like you, they’d rise up and demand change.
A white mouse rests in a gloved hand
Two Whistleblowers Stop Animal Torture at Teaching Hospital
Nathan Herschler, March 27, 2020
What was happening to mice in the lab was brutal and unauthorized. So two whistleblowers did what they knew was right.
Surrounded by green leaves, marmoset clings to a branch
How We’re Winning
Frances Chrzan, December 12, 2019
Our one-of-a-kind information-collecting strategy has animal experimenters worried.