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You saved hundreds of kittens! Now, more cats need your help
The Rise for Animals Team, December 9, 2021
UC Irvine is torturing more cats. We need your help to stop them again.
We’re Keeping Experimenters on their Toes
The Rise for Animals Team, November 13, 2021
We make their hush-hush documents, normally locked away from the public eye, available for anyone to read.
Exclusive: Nearly Half a Million Monkeys Imported to U.S.
The Rise for Animals Team, March 18, 2021
Never-before-seen figures expose nearly half a million nonhuman primates have been imported to the U.S. for biomedical research over the last 20 years.
A loose sketch of a monkey over a blue-green starry sky
NASA Killed Every Primate in Its Possession on a Single Day
Frances Chrzan, December 22, 2020
Rise for Animals has uncovered the mass killing of monkeys at NASA last—deaths that must be investigated.
Mice crowd at the edge of a metal cage, their noses sticking through the bars
Mice Suffer and Die at Columbia University
Frances Chrzan, December 18, 2020
It’s time they count and reduce the number of animals they use in experiments.
A monkey's arm is tied down, restrained at Arizona State University's primate research laboratory
Free Monkey “090235”
Nathan Herschler, November 18, 2020
The metal bar tight around his neck. His arm tied down. See the truth at Arizona State University—and help us shut them down.
Photo of a white mouse held in human hands clad in blue latex gloves
Sabotage! Scientist kills pregnant mice to ruin experiment
The Rise for Animals Team, October 15, 2020
A disgruntled scientist squeezed the life out of seven pregnant mice. You’ll never believe what happened at a renowned teaching hospital in Boston.
A baby mouse, its skin pink and translucent, curls up in a person's open palm
Baby Mice Wake Up in Frozen Body Bags
The Rise for Animals Team, August 18, 2020
When laboratory workers peered into a cage that was supposed to contain only three adult female mice—it was teaming with newborns.
Water—cool and blue—sloshes and splashes
Animals in Labs Are Being Denied Water
Lindsay Oliver, June 30, 2020
A former animal care technician gives her firsthand account of witnessing the cruel practice of "water restriction."