Let’s Rise for Animals

We’re going to end animal experimentation in our lifetime—for the millions of caring, thinking, feeling beings tortured right now in labs around the country. Our movement is made up of animal lovers, activists, educators, students, scientists, whistleblowers, policymakers, and supporters just like you. We know animal testing doesn’t work. We will win by investigating, exposing, and mobilizing against this cruelty. And by advocating for more humane and effective research methods. Right now, our compassion for animals can take us further, faster than any other time in history. Join us.
Image: A loose sketch of a macaque

Take Action Now

Image: A loose sketch of a macaque

You can help us stop animal testing for good.

Every donation, every message, every protest, pledge, campaign, and demonstration is a powerful step forward and helps us all rise.

Together, we will end animal experimentation in our lifetime.

Save Animals