North Rose Secrets

20k+ Dogs

That’s how many were inside this North Rose breeding facility on a single day of inspections.

Most of them? Beagles. Docile, friendly, submissive beagles. Here, they are being bred en masse and sold for use in cruel, archaic, ineffective tests and experiments.

And it’s all happening in the windowless sheds shown above.

The Facts

A 2021 inspection report for the North Rose, NY breeding mega-operation counted inside 7,710 puppies, 12,607 adult dogs, 2,693 pigs, and 52,116 ferrets. A 2022 inspection report listed 547 kittens and 610 cats. That’s a total of 75,126 animals.

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Around 50,000 dogs in the U.S. meet their fates in labs each year. And every single one of them is just like the dogs at home who we call our best friends, our family.

Learn About the “Lab Dog” Lie

Animal experimentation is not an effective tool for solving issues of human health. Over 95% of drugs tested on animals end up failing in human trials.

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Urge your Representative to support the Protecting Dogs Subjected to Experiments Act (H.R. 574), a bill that aims to prohibit the National Institutes of Health from funding biological, medical, or behavioral research that involves testing dogs.
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Together, we can stop the cruelty in and around North Rose, NY.

We’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with local organizers with Animal Rights Rochester, Inc. (ARROC). Click below to send a quick note that you’d like to get involved in local grassroots efforts to shut down animal cruelty in and around North Rose. 
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