Your Tax Dollars Used to Deafen and Kill Kittens in CA

Nathan Herschler, September 20, 2019

Take 2 Minutes to Make It Stop

We’re working hard to obtain images from the University of California kitten experiments. In the meantime, in the photos above, from a similar study in Utah, you can bear witness to what these kittens endure. Courtesy of PETA.

Join us in taking action to free these kittens now

Researchers at the University of California-Irvine are restraining healthy kittens and flooding their bodies with a drug that makes them deaf.

Some kittens die the same day. For the kittens that survive, the nightmare is just getting started. These kittens literally suffer in silence as their skulls are cut open. Researchers implant electrodes on their brains.

It’s all part of a cruel and wasteful study, funded by the U.S. government’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Our team obtained records that reveal what happens next:

Kittens are forced into solitary metal cages to recover from surgery until they are ready to be used in daily experiments.

The horror chamber

During some of these tests, kittens are restrained by a harness inside a small chamber surrounded with speakers.

Researchers withhold food from the kittens on experiment days. Then they taunt the kittens with the promise of a meal—to control their behavior.

When the experiments end, so do the short and painful lives of these kittens.

Our government is killing kittens and throwing them out like trash because they no longer have a use for them. It’s outrageous and inhumane.

With medical attention and loving care, these kittens could be perfectly healthy. They deserve to live out their lives in peace.

These kittens don’t have to die

As a NEAVS supporter, I know you are as sickened and outraged by these experiments as I am. But this sentiment isn’t shared by our government, who remains stuck in ignorance and institutional inertia while innocent animals—like these kittens—suffer and die.

The truth is, these experiments have gone on for decades. They’re funded by our tax dollars. They’ve failed to provide any cures or real benefits to human hearing. Yet they continue, even as the tiny bodies of kittens pile up.

Enough is enough.

NEAVS has a plan to shut down these experiments and save kittens’ lives. We’ve done it before.

Earlier this year, we exposed a government-funded lab in Maryland that was also killing kittens after their testing was done. Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to shut down these gruesome experiments and find homes for the kittens who would otherwise be destroyed.

It’s a winning strategy that only works if you take this simple action:

SEND A MESSAGE to the federal agency responsible for these heinous experiments. Urge them to shut down the tests and accept NEAVS’ offer to provide medical care and forever homes for captive kittens.