President Signs Bill Telling USDA to Stop Killing Kittens

Mike Ryan, February 14, 2019

Remember how we told you that the USDA was killing perfectly healthy kittens in Beltsville, Maryland, just because they didn’t need the kittens after getting a simple stool sample?

Thousands of NEAVS supporters asked Congress to intervene, and it worked!

Congress passed language directing USDA to end this practice and adopt out the animals instead.

This language was included in the bill Trump signed to keep the government functioning.

To be specific, the funding package to keep the government functioning contains language directing USDA to use an adoption model for cats and kittens that can be adopted out instead of euthanized.

Here’s the language, which we’re grateful to the House and Senate for including in the final package:

“The Committee…is concerned about the use of cats in painful and terminal laboratory experiments at USDA’s Animal Parasitic Disease Laboratory. The Committee …directs the agency to consult scientific and veterinary experts about the feasibility of implementing alternatives to the use of cats in public health research, and to develop a program to adopt out cats no longer needed in research. The Committee directs the Secretary to provide a report on its progress no later than 90 days after the enactment of this Act.”

Remember, Congress has authority over USDA, making this language critically important. After more than 30 years of USDA killing perfectly healthy cats and kittens in Beltsville, Maryland, thanks to supporters of NEAVS, we were able to get Congress to direct USDA to end this cruel practice.

Thanks to you the USDA won’t be able to discard kittens like trash. The kittens currently in their facility deserve loving, forever homes.

Can you chip in to help these kittens? They’ll need transport from the lab, food, and medicine before they go to loving families. Your donation will go straight to work helping these kittens and ending animal testing once and for all. Please help with your donation today. Thank you.