With Your Support, We Will Eliminate Animals from Labs

Christie Hendrickson, December 10, 2018

With your support, we will succeed in eliminating animals from labs.

Today is International Animal Rights Day. There is no better day to share with you our vision for a world free from animal suffering in labs.

What will it take to get there, and what will the world look like when we win?

These are questions that NEAVS has been striving to answer. Our approach is laid out in our new institutional Strategic Plan.

We would love to hear your thoughts about our plan and to receive your commitment to join us as we work to transform a cruel and outdated industry. You—our supporters and activists for animals—are key to the change we will create in the world.

NEAVS.Infographic.National Day for Animal Rights.png

The future for animals is truly exciting. Learn more about our strategies by reviewing our Strategic Plan.