Win Alert! Congress Directs EPA to Reduce Animal Tests

Mike Ryan, September 13, 2018

A few months ago, we asked Congress to direct EPA to reduce animal testing. It worked.

A few hours ago, Congress finalized legislation that does what we wanted. And that bill goes to the President to be signed into law soon.

Here’s the great stuff in that bill:

  1. Intramural Animal Testing—
    “The Committee commends EPA for recent progress towards reducing unnecessary animal testing by promoting the adoption of cutting-edge methodologies that allow chemical screening more efficiently and cost-effectively. The Committee encourages EPA to ensure that the Agency’s own research is also the subject of Agency efforts to reduce and replace animal tests.”

  2. Alternatives Testing—
    “The Committee…recommends that the Agency work to submit to the Committee a report that outlines (1) progress to date to research, develop, validate and translate innovative non-animal chemical testing methods that characterize toxicity pathways…”

  3. Research: Chemical Safety and Sustainability—
    “The recommendation includes $113,935,000 for Research: Chemical Safety and Sustainability and funds the computational toxicology and endocrine disruptor programs at the fiscal year 2018 enacted levels…” [Editor’s note: This means that programs needed to develop alternatives to animal tests are fully funded, which is what we wanted.

  4. Innovative Research Partnerships—
    …”EPA is encouraged to present the Committee with options for new or expanded partnerships within the context of the fiscal year 2020 budget. Such topics could include but are not limited to enhanced aquifer recharge, toxicity testing without the use of animals…

We’re delighted that the House and Senate included this key language in their bill funding EPA for 2019.

Many thanks to you, our supporters, for making these wins possible!