Nathan Herschler, November 27, 2018

Animals stuck in labs experience incredible physical and psychological trauma. And worse, the pain endured by lab animals is hidden—hidden in basements of universities around the countries, in private bio-medical labs, and in government research facilities. Hidden because we’ve built a government-subsidized jobs program for PhD’s to do duplicative and human-irrelevant work in the name of science. Hidden because vivisectors know that the public will reject research on animals if they only knew the trade-off of animal pain made in the dubious name of science.

Why Now?

There are hundreds of millions of animals subjected to cruel research globally every year.

  • In the United States, there are well over 100,000 primates in research facilities, and hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats

  • There are over 1,000 primates currently being experimented on without pain relief, in something called Category E experiments

  • The average length of time from target discovery to approval of a new drug is about 14 years. The failure rate exceeds 95% and the cost per successful drug can be $1 billion or more


NEAVS is waging the most robust campaign against vivisection undertaken in decades. We have begun by exposing all 169 U.S. entities that currently perform vivisection on primates.

We will begin our focus on Category E (no pain relief) projects. This work builds on the success in Virginia where Category E experiments were banned. We know that that there are over 1,000 primates currently being experimented on without pain relief, and that there are 10 entities in the U.S. housing 854 of these animals that are subject to FOIA.

We will go through the same process for all institutions performing Category E research on dogs and cats.

In 2018 and beyond, NEAVS will expose the worst abuses to animals occurring in labs across this country. This will be the first time an organization has FOIA’d every agency doing research on primates, cats, and dogs.

After exposing the worst abuses of animals across the U.S., we will be targeting a number of institutions with campaigns to end that research. These campaigns will leverage on-the-ground grassroots strategies and advocacy in state and Federal government.

NEAVS is the only animal rights organization in the country with full time staff dedicated to ending animal testing and the only anti-vivisection organization running on-the-ground campaigns at research facilities.

What difference do we make?

With your help, we will see the end of animal experimentation in our lifetimes. We will end the misperception that animals are “necessary” for research. Animals will be removed from toxicity testing for cosmetics and household products, from pesticide and other chemical testing, and from pharmaceutical testing because of changing public perception, laws, and technology. We will no longer use animals to teach our children about biology. Our campaigns will end the worst abuses in the country and free animals to live the rest of their lives in sanctuary or permanent homes with families who love them.

Direct action, on the ground at research facilities and in the offices of legislators make a difference. NEAVS will harness the power of people to end the suffering of animals.

Join us or reaffirm your commitment to saving animals with a donation today. None of this work is possible without the generous support of individuals like you. Are you in?