VICTORY! Congress Says “Reduce Animal Testing”

Mike Ryan, March 4, 2019

Over 70% of Members of Congress just sent a message to the EPA

Last week, when President Trump signed legislation to fund the government, three little-known Congressional Directives took effect. As protectors of animals, you will want what your Congress told the Environmental Protection Agency:

  1. Reduce Unnecessary Animal Testing in Your Research.
    Congress encouraged the EPA to make sure that it’s working to minimize unnecessary animal testing in its own experiments. They also applauded the EPA’s efforts to reduce animal testing in the EPA-approved research done by outside entities (a great move by the EPA).
  2. Tell us what you’re doing to reduce animal testing.
    Congress asked the EPA to fully explain what they’ve done to develop non-animal testing methods. This clear statement of support—for alternatives to animal testing—is important. And this language will ensure that reducing animal testing at the EPA remains at the top of the list of Congress’ concerns.
  3. Partner with outside groups to advance non-animal testing methods.
    Congress encouraged the EPA to form innovative research partnerships with outside groups that includes “toxicity testing without the use of animals” as a possible area of collaboration.

We’ve worked hard for this moment. And you made it possible.

Because of you, 83 Senators and 300 House Members voted for the bill that made these Congressional Directives a reality. In other words, over 70% of House and Senate Members just went on record as encouraging EPA to reduce animal testing.

Your letters to Congress created this change!

Don’t stop now

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