Update: Purina Thinks It's Okay to Test on Dogs and Cats

The Rise for Animals Team, October 23, 2019

You may remember that last December, we exposed Nestle/Purina for testing on dogs and cats inside a dedicated research facility in St. Joseph, MI. In 2017, Purina’s negligence at this facility caused the torturous death of a cat named Tyson, whose body was found in a holding device; after transport within the research facility, Tyson was forgotten and sent through a washing machine to die.

Just today, Purina has responded to a NEAVS Facebook post pleading for them to end their testing on captive dogs and cats:

From Purina’s response, it sounds like they are okay with testing on animals as long as it’s not invasive.

We believe all animal testing is wrong—including the kind that doesn’t leave visible scars.

Not only is it cruel for these cats and dogs to be tested on while spending their lives in a kennel designed to “parallel” the loving homes they deserve, it’s completely unnecessary.

No law or regulation requires Nestle/Purina—or any other dog and cat food brands—to conduct experiments on animals. There are alternative approaches available to test the nutritional value of dog and cat food products, none of which require domesticated animals’ captivity and their denial of caring, comfortable homes.

Together we can force this massive pet food supplier to join the growing number of brands who use cruelty-free approaches in line with their love of animals.