The Status Quo Kills Animals

Nathan Herschler, July 25, 2019

It’s time to launch a movement to end animal experiments.

Friends, I have a confession.

When I joined NEAVS, I had my doubts about our mission. Don’t get me wrong; I believed 100% in the importance of ending animal experiments in labs. I just thought that, for most people, it came down to “us versus them”—either we use animals in experiments to cure the worst diseases afflicting humanity, or we don’t. And people die.

I was wrong.

I’d fallen into the same trap so many people had since the first animal labs opened in the United States. It’s a trap built by the marketing teams of a multi-billion dollar, hundred-year-old industry banking on animal experiments.

Here’s the truth: animal experiments are archaic and unnecessary. They don’t work.

  • They’re wildly inaccurate when predicting results in humans.

  • More than 90% of drug trials that make it through animal experiments never make it to market.

  • Major industries like cosmetics have almost entirely replaced animal testing with more effective and efficient alternatives, while making sure our beauty products don’t harm us.

The science is on our side right now. Technology needed to replace animal experiments is at our fingertips. We just need more people to care. To raise their voices. To overcome a hundred years of inertia that is propping up the continued torture of animals and stealing resources from better, cruelty-free alternatives.

Will you fight for progress?

Of all the threats to animal welfare, I now believe ours is solvable. But it’s going to take a movement. And we need you to be part of it.

In the last year, we’ve done amazing things together…

  • Exposed horrific nicotine experiments on monkeys in Texas and Florida.

  • Shined a spotlight on the poisoning deaths of infant monkeys at UC Davis.

  • Now we’re calling for an end of deadly hearing experiments on kittens at UC Irvine.

Together, we can reach millions more people with information the government is hiding from taxpayers eyes.

This is a fight we must win.

Our grassroots team delivers trainings and resources to advocates like you. Our government affairs team pounds the halls of Congress to move forward incredibly important legislation that will free animals from labs once and for all. Your energy and passion drives our success.

The Truth Will Set Animals Free

With your passion and action, you have the power to unearth and shut down animal experiments in labs near you. And we’re here to help.

Join Our Movement

Over the last 20 years, more than 2 billion animals have needlessly suffered and died in labs. I know you don’t want our children to say the same thing in another 20 years. Join the winning side. Protect people and animals and proudly stand with us against this exploitative industry.

Together we will end animal experiments. For all of us.