A monkey trapped in a cage

“Something Is Very Wrong at Lovelace”

Amy Meyer, January 3, 2020

A recently-obtained report dated November 19, 2019 revealed critical violations of federal law at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, a contract testing laboratory in New Mexico, for neglectfully killing non-human primates. These “critical” violations are the most severe type cited by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

One monkey, just 2.5 years old, died in his cage from apparent starvation and/or dehydration. This was likely due to being confined in the same cage as five other incompatible male monkeys, who prevented him from accessing food and/or water.

Imagine withering away, unnoticed by laboratory staff, because you cannot fend for yourself in the cage where experimenters hold you captive. 

Experimenters caused the death of ANOTHER non-human primate, who was also 2.5 years old, during a botched experiment where they attached a mask to his face to force him to inhale an experimental substance and failed to monitor him. By the time the experimenter found the monkey to be non-responsive, it was too late to save him.

Prof. John Gluck, a scientist with over 35 years of experience working with non-human primates in biomedical research contexts, was alarmed when he read the documents, stating:

“Taken together, these painful tragedies demonstrate serious failure of animal welfare in both experimental and basic housing contexts. Something is very wrong at Lovelace that requires thorough investigation.

— John Gluck, PhD, Professor Emeritus at UNM

Just days after the USDA posted the inspection report documenting these violations, it mysteriously was taken offline. NEAVS is working to get to the bottom of this unacceptable, shady behavior.

It is wildly unacceptable that laboratories are allowed to continue to confine and experiment on hundreds of animals after repeated instances of absolute negligence. Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute has a long, documented history of violating federal animal welfare laws. And still, they are allowed to perform painful experiments, often without any pain relief, on hundreds of non-human primates, dogs, and rabbits, as well as untold numbers of mice and rats who are not even counted. Receiving these violation reports from the USDA is just business-as-usual at this point. We must demand better for animals in laboratories.

Tell the USDA to enforce the law and fine Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute for negligently killing these two monkeys.


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