Pounding the pavement to stop a “lab gag” bill in California

Mike Ryan, April 24, 2019

NEAVS supporters are educating CA residents about how this bill would harm animals.

Earlier this week we told you WHY we are fighting AB700, a bill proposed by Assemblymember Laura Friedman of Glendale, CA.

Now we’ll give you a glimpse into HOW we’re fighting it: by engaging residents of Glendale, California directly in conversation on the street. We’re letting them know that this bill would repeal their right to know about animal abuse in medical experiments and roll back California’s open records law so that records of animal abuse disappear from public view.

Put another way, elected officials are absolutely right to value the views of their constituents. So our supporters in Assemblymember Friedman’s district are getting the word out to their neighbors, as you can see in the pictures below.

Until this legislation is either cast aside or amended so that it doesn’t undermine transparency into animal experiments in any way, we’ll be doing our best to ensure the public knows exactly what’s at stake.

While it’s too late for you to have your voice heard on this issue it’s not too late to help animals suffering in labs. Please visit our animal advocacy page today. Thank you!